100 Days of Coffee - Day 83

Day 83 was YESTERDAY! OMG! I did it! I'm all caught up! Well I will be in a minute. Day 83 is also known as Quarantine Day 9: Lockdown Day 6

I painted a lot, it felt good.

More Covid cases announced here and in NSW. I'm predicting our lockdown will be extended again and when we do come out of hard lock down there will be strict restrictions when it does get lift.

Sally spent a lot of time hanging with Demon in his bed. IN HIS BED!

Tara cleaned the kitchen, again.

Our first Alpha Fresh order arrived. Will definitely be ordering from them again. Great service and beautiful produce.

I even caught some phone photos of the sunset. Capturing the small beautiful everyday moments has helped me a lot over the last few years and especially during our quarantine and lockdown.

Stay home and Stay safe.

Day 83 - Coffee and Art and Skillshare

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