100 Days of Coffee - Day 82

Tuesday 17th August, Day 82 also known as Quarantine Day 8: Lockdown Day 5

Tara came in for snuggles this morning. She has always been my super affectionate, snuggly kid. ALWAYS!

Evan made pancakes for breakfast as per Tara's request.

Demon helped with the washing again.

I updated my 100 days of coffee project by 8 days, only 5 more to catch up. And here we are again playing catch up two days later, Oh! That means I'm almost caught up!

Tara made sugar cookies, she nailed it! Very squished and a little soft but very yummy!

Sally had a parcel arrive. Tara also had a parcel arrive. More Sushi Go was played.

I got my art on, in my new mini studio. It feels so good to be getting back in to my painting practice and now having a dedicated space for it is AMAZING!

Evan played with Demon after work ,Sally and Evan made a temporary tent for Demon on the back deck.

Bolognese for dinner followed by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, well the first half anyway.

Tuesday night I tried one of Evan's Hazelnut Lattes, Yum! And even though I drank it well after 8pm I was still able to fall asleep fine, I think the effect of coffee keeping me awake has worn off, not sure if that's a good thing, actually pretty sure that's bad.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Day 82 - Hazelnut Coffee before bed

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