100 Days of Coffee - Day 81

Monday 16th August, Day 81 of Coffee also known as Quarantine Day 7: Lockdown Day 4

Today consisted of more washing and folding. Demon helped with the washing. He meets me at the washing line every time. In between all the washing and folding I had to microwave my coffee for the first time in forever and then still ended up drinking it cold.

A surprise delivery of cupcakes from Evan's work. They were from Ciao Cafe and Cakes in Braddon and were delicious!

More Covid cases announced and our lockdown extended by two weeks. I'm ok with lockdown, after my meltdowns over the weekend, Monday was the start of me really enjoying our time at home.

A couple of games of Sushi go for me and the girls.

I booked our exit Covid tests for the weekend and my first vaccine jab for the 26th August.

Uber eats for dinner. We had Wok it up, Evan, Sally and I all had Laksa and Tara had fancy fried rice.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was watched to finish the day.

Stay home and stay safe Canberra.

Day 81 - Microwave Coffee, I remember you.

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