100 Days of Coffee - Day 80

Sunday 15th August, Day 80 also known as Quarantine Day 6: Lockdown Day 3

Lazy Sunday morning not doing much.

I did more cleaning and rearranging of the kitchen/living room. I'm slowly setting up a little art studio.

Tara made a bracelet with flattened Hama beads.

Sally played on the computer for a while, then spent some time playing with Demon and a couple of tennis balls.

I tried to drink a coffee out on the deck but didn't last long, the wind was too cold this afternoon.

We played Sushi Go for the first time today, we did need a YouTube video to work out how to play but once we did it was really fun.

Tara hurt her knee mucking around with Evan this afternoon, only put ice one it after her Gran suggested it, wouldn't listen to me half an hour before then!

It was home made pizza for dinner and Tara made brownies for dessert.

I may or may not have lost my shit again today.

Day 80 - Attempted Coffee outside

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