100 Days of Coffee - Day 78

Friday 13th August, Day 78 of Coffee, Day Four of Quarantine and Day 1 of Lockdown.

Girls did a tiny bit of school work this morning before having the rest of the day to do pretty much whatever they wanted.

There was lots of coffee consumed. Yes my pledge to reduce my coffee intake is completely out the window.

I got to draw for a little bit.

We all spent some time in the backyard/deck with Demon today. He is loving that we've all been home.

I played catch up on my 100 Days of Coffee project. I only got three posts done on Day 78.

Door Dash of Guzman and Gomez for dinner, they gave me nachos instead of nacho fries and while I'm usually pretty good at keeping things in perspective, I was really upset about it.

Stay home and stay safe Canberra

Day 78 - Coffee + Sunshine + Dog

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