100 Days of Coffee - Day 77

Thursday August 12th, Day 77 and Day Three of Quarantine.

I didn't take a photo with my big camera on Day 77. Day 3 of Quarantine was a bit better than day 2 but still a tricky one for me. Some big feelings and starting to feel the stress of being everyone's support person and caretaker. I did however just now (Tuesday 17th August) worked out a little work around.

The ACT went in to a 7 day lockdown at 5pm. Doesn't really change much for us except that the demand for grocery deliveries has gone through the roof and there's a lack of bread and milk that can be delivered. We'll work something out it's just frustrating.

The kids did school work, Evan worked, I did more washing and folding in between helping the kids then I got a couple of hours of drawing in. Hope you're all ok during lockdown. Canberra stay home, stay safe.

Day 77 - Coffee in bed, in quarantine, in my phone

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