100 Days of Coffee - Day 71

Friday the 6th August started well, a coffee in bed delivered by my love, school drop off for Sally and then coffee with friends to deliver a gift. While having coffee I was notified that the LGA Tara was in visiting her dad was now a LGA of concern and she would need to quarantine for 14 Days when she returned on Monday, which meant the whole family would need to quarantine. Sigh.....

So the rest of the day was spent finding out exactly what we needed to do, including lodging an exemption form for Tara and organising Liam to stay with his dad while the rest of us quarantined.

School pick up was a little more fun than usual, I took Demon with me to meet Sally at the gate. Her, her friends and loads of other kids were very excited to see Demon and showered him with attention and pats, he thought all his Christmases had come at once.

I think I cried at some point on day 71, it was stressful, I was and am still ok, but day 71 was a big feeling day.

Day 71 - A blissful morning coffee

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