100 Days of Coffee - Day 57

Day 57 was yesterday, this skipping days is becoming a habit, one I need to dissolve. Yesterday was cold and wet here in Canberra, this is the coldest winter I have felt in a long time. I feel very lucky to have central heating, warm clothes, warm food and lots of hot coffee.

I had a Laksa date with one of my mate Laura yesterday and then went in search of a little oil heater for Sally's room, with no luck, it's definitely the wrong end of winter to be in search of an affordable little room heater.

After school Sally and I went for a drive to the post office and then to collect Evan from work. On the way home we decided on going out for dinner just the three of us. We tried the new Indian restaurant in Amaroo Very nice, a couple of the dishes were a little too creamy for my taste but the Paneer Kadhai was perfect! I do love an impromptu dinner out.

In the morning between school drop off and my Laksa date, I did get some work done and a coffee self portrait which is Day 57's image.

Day 57 - Coffee and Me

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