100 Days of Coffee - Day 51

Saturday! Oh I love Saturdays. This morning while I was in bed drinking my coffee it started to snow! It was also raining and it's Canberra so the snow didn't settle and it only hung around for about 15- 20 minutes. But I did get some video and it was fun to see a few snow pics and videos on Facebook from my fellow Canberrans.

After the snow, Evan and I went to pick up our click and collect groceries and while there Evan grabbed us coffee. Which is the coffee in today' photo. (Yep, he orders everything under the name Batman) The coffee waited in the garage for me to unpack the groceries with the help of the family and I finished drinking it on the way to drop Liam at a mates place and Sally, Evan and I went to the mall to purchase a birthday present for a friend of Sally's. While there Evan got his wedding band engraved with the exact date and time we said 'I do' but in binary. It's very Evan and very sweet, it also looks really cool.

Tonight Sally has a friend staying for a sleep over and they've set themselves up in the loungeroom to watch a movie and then sleep in there. The movie they've put on is super loud so I'm going to wrap this up, so I can go in to another room where I can't hear it.

Hope you're having an amazing weekend!

Day 51 - Coffee in the garage

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