100 Days of Coffee - Day 50

Wow! We've made it to 50 photos of 50 coffees. While I haven't written and published every post on time I'm pretty impressed that I have managed to take a photo every day and catch up pretty quick the few times I posted late.

There isn't anything special about today's pic or coffee it was just a coffee I drank while I cleaned up my desk and watched a Skill share class this morning. It feels good to reset my desk and have an orderly place to work again. I got lots of editing done today, as well as a couple of loads of washing (why is there always MORE washing?), school drop off and pick up, an online grocery order and a few admin tasks ticked off.

I released my Spring Mini Sessions today for the 4th September and the 9th of October at Mulligan's Flat Reserve in Forde. If you're interested in finding out more get in touch via the contact page on the website.

Now it's time for a hot shower and some painting. Have an amazing weekend!

Day 50 - Coffee to help me tidy

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