100 Days of Coffee - Day 48

Day 48 was yesterday, and the pic is from yesterday but I am writing this on Thursday afternoon not Wednesday. Any who! Yesterday was a busy day of running around, I met a friend for coffee and breakfast after school drop off to discuss her very cool business idea. I then delivered photos to an Early Learning Centre I took school photos for, I then met up with another friend for coffee in Civic and while I was in there I finally took in my double battery charger that was faulty and got a replacement. All by 2pm. I then shouted myself lunch at U&Co Cafe in Kaleen while I waited for the girls to finish school.

After school I needed another coffee to get warm and get through helping Tara with her home work. And that's Day 48's picture, my get through homework coffee.

Day 48 - Coffee and someone else's damn homework

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