100 Days of Coffee - Day 42

Hopefully today is the second last day of mandatory mask wearing in the ACT, we still have zero active cases. Still need to wear masks in a few places and places that are hard to socially distance, which is totally fine by me. I don't mind wearing the masks, but it'll be nice that we don't have to wear them everywhere.

Today I did a quick trip to Office Works for a label maker and some paint. Of course I grabbed a coffee on the way, drinking a coffee alone in the car was a nice treat after nearly two weeks of school holidays.

This afternoon Sally and Tara painted their shoes that they bought yesterday. I'll take photos tomorrow and share on my socials then.

Got quite a lot of my to do list done again, it feels good. Lists and ticking boxes is very motivating. Anyone else a list lover?

Day 42 - Coffee in a car park

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