100 Days of Coffee - Day 40

Today was productive, well as productive as a school holiday Tuesday can be.

Evan and I took both cars to the tyre place, 4 new tyres for his car, no new tyres for mine, yet. While having the tyres fitted we went to a nearby cafe for breakfast, which was so nice to do just the two of us, and cheap! How cheap is a meal out when you only pay for two people instead of five?! After that Evan headed to work and I headed home, got some work done packing orders, then took Sally and Tara out for lunch at the mall followed by the movies. We saw 'In The Heights' , if you like musicals I highly recommend it.

Home to cook toasted sandwiches for dinner, more sorting and packing orders, writing blog post now then it's time for a shower and some painting in bed.

Todays coffee picture was almost not a picture of coffee, I remembered to take the photo when I was just about finished. Third coffee of the day and it was only 10.03am, so I slowed my coffee intake down to zero after that. Also in the photo is my phone with my lock screen photo, one of my favourite photos of me and Evan. Thanks to the very talented Tash of

Day 40 - Coffee + my lock screen

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