100 Days of Coffee - Day 39

Today was a good day. I hit my goals for the day and got most of my to do list done. The girls and I even went to The National Arboretum this afternoon and wandered around the Warm Trees and The Wide Brown Land sculpture for about an hour. It was cold but sunny and Canberra is so pretty in winter.

The Goals I hit:

  1. I drank 3 x 750 ml bottle of water

  2. I went for a 20 minute walk

Some of My To Do's:

  1. Made my bed

  2. Got 3 loads of washing washed and hung out

  3. Got some work done

I've also got dinner prepared! Already for a Make your own sushi night! Yum!

Today's coffee image is of myself and my 2nd cup of coffee in bed for the morning. No make up, my hair not done, both my chins and large forehead included.

Day 39 - Coffee and Me in Bed

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