100 Days of Coffee - Day 32

As of midnight last night we are required to wear face masks in indoor public spaces in the ACT. It's the first time during the whole Covid-19 Pandemic that masks have been mandatory here. Thanks to my mother in law Helen, we have a small stockpile of masks for the family. We didn't need them today as we spent the day at home, but I know they'll be needed multiple times in the next two weeks and maybe beyond. Today's photo includes a mask as I wanted to document the first day of the new mandate.

After another sleep in this morning, I woke up to Tara bring me coffee in bed and informing me that she had cleaned the kitchen including vacuuming the floor. Brilliant way to wake up on a School Holiday Monday! As I said our day was spent at home, I did an online grocery order, got the kids to help with some cleaning, made some plans for the rest of the week, did some business admin, took some phone photos of today's sunset, made dinner, ate dinner as a family and now I'm writing this while drinking a cup of tea.

Another good day. I am grateful.

Day 32 - Coffee and a face mask

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