100 Days of Coffee - Day 31

Day 31 was yesterday and I did take this photo yesterday, I was just too tired last night to write a post.

Sunday started with a sleep in, can you tell it's school holidays and I have big kids? Followed by coffee in bed, of course. Then another coffee with my breakfast of Sultana Bran. That's the one in the photo.

In the afternoon I headed out to have my photo taken, as part of a series by Sally from ,Photographing Photographers- A Concept Series. It was great meeting Sal and a couple of other photographers. The shoot was short, fun and relaxed in the Sculpture Gardens at the National Gallery of Australia.

For dinner we went out to The Dumpling House, in Dickson for our Sally's Birthday. It was delicious and afterwards we grabbed some ice-cream and toppings at woolies for home made sundaes.

All in all a good day.

Day 31 - Coffee at the dining table

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