100 Days of Coffee - Day 27

Sally's Birthday was today! We were woken early to celebrate with the opening of her presents, Anime jumpers and socks. She was thrilled!

After school drop off I ran a few errands then headed home, after a little while I realised the heater wasn't on and then noticed all the power was out. So the next 3 hours were spent getting help and working out what was going on, eventually the electrician found the faulty power point, fixed it and the power was restored. Yay! Time for a coffee and to warm up now that the heater was working again and watch a little tv, but no the home internet was still out. Coffee while not watching TV then. School pick up, still no home internet but got by with the 4G on my phone, no dramas. Birthday dinner of Lasagna was cooked and consumed, a few more pressies from Liam and Tara for Sally followed by birthday cake, singing and candles. I drove Liam back to his dad's after dinner..... on return Evan said the internet was back on, Yay! Except then it wasn't.....Long story short, 9.30pm I finally have internet on my PC and can write my coffee post for today!

Not much went to plan today and now I'm exhausted, time for bed!

Day 27 - An afternoon coffee

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