100 Days of coffee - Day 24

Tonight I had a coffee after dinner which is usually far too late in the day for me to have a coffee and to be honest it was partly because I forgot to take a photo of the 4 other coffees I had today, but also because I it's cold and I really felt like one. Will I regret my decision tomorrow? Probably.

Today was a Sunday of coffee in bed, some washing, lots of folding and driving out to Braidwood to pick up Tara, I enjoy my Sunday drives to Braidwood and back. A quiet hour on my own to listen to music or a podcast followed by a sometimes chatty, sometimes quiet hour with Tara on the way home. This afternoon on the way home I also got to witness one of the most stunning golden hours I have ever seen. I unfortunately didn't stop to take any photos but in a way by not documenting it I made sure to soak it all in a little more. But if someone else got a photo of his evenings sunset or any time in the hour before I would love to see it!

Day 24 - An after dinner coffee I will probably forget.

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