100 Days of Coffee - Day 22

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Last night I decided that today was going to be better than yesterday, so I washed my hair. I forgot how much washing my hair and taking the time to condition properly and gently brushing it can sooth my soul. I even added some hair oil that mum gave me when I was home last weekend, which smells heavenly. Taking half an hour last night to take care of myself was exactly what I needed.

This morning I decided again that today was going to be a good day, so I got dressed in clothes fit to be seen in public, make up I even put on lipstick! and slightly styled my clean hair. Can you tell I was determined to feel good? After taking the girl's to school, running back home to get Sally's clarinet that she had forgotten I grabbed a coffee and bumped in to a friend, a lovely little happy accident. I then headed to IKEA, took a photo of my coffee for today's post and then did a quick lap of IKEA and bought a couple of things we needed, can't leave IKEA empty handed. Next was an appointment, followed by a phone call from Mum, a headshot session for my beautiful friend Karen, school pick up, trip to Braidwood to get Tara to her dad for the weekend, then Sally and I headed home.

A busy but delightful day was had.

Day 22 - Coffee and IKEA

P.S. Dinner was toasted sandwiches and spring rolls courtesy of Evan and did you spot the lipstick on my coffee?

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