100 Days of Coffee - Day 10

This morning was a little bit of a moody rollercoaster at our place, it happens when you have two pre-teens and an adult teen all going through their own stuff. But the afternoon was fun. Trying to escape the roller coaster for a while I set up my dining table with paint and paper and sketchbooks and of course coffee. I got some paint swatches done and a little play with some A5 watercolour paper before Tara decided the family would play Stranger Things Monopoly. So we spent 3 hours playing monopoly which didn't end up in tears and didn't get yelly until the 2 and half hour mark. Evan was the first to go bankrupt, helped by the desire to get dinner started and I was next to go bankrupt. Within about 30 mins the kids decided they had had enough and called it done. I'll take that as a family win!

Day 10 - Coffee and Painting

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